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About Us

Sherpa Limousine Services, LLC was established to provide luxury livery services for all. Located in the beautiful and tranquil Nutmeg State (Connecticut), we offer services to address and meet the needs of every customer.

Our quality services have set the bar as we believe that comfort, quality, affordable transportation services should be provided to everyone. Sherpa Limousine Services, LLC thrives on the mission that our clients’ satisfaction is guaranteed. 

Here at Sherpa Limousine Services, LLC we look forward to serving you.


Expect to be driven in a luxury car with high quality service.  Water and soda included in each trip.


We have 10 years of experience and 5-star customer service.


All drivers will be dressed properly.  Your driver will stay in communication with you, texting you 15 minutes before arriving to pick you up.



Sonam Sherpa was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. He migrated to the United States in search of his dream to own his company which would provide quality services for all. A leader who scaled the treacherous climb and conquered Mt. Everest known to man as the “Roof of the World”. He received recognition, awards and honorable citations from the City of New York and the State of Connecticut for his tremendous strength of both body and mind as an outstanding mountaineer and for his work with the United States Nepal Climbers Association.

Mr. Sherpa’s enthusiasm and dedication to serve others extended to his philanthropic abilities. He wanted to bridge the gap across cultures and created the non-for-profit organization of which he is President of the Connecticut Sherpa Society. Mr. Sherpa also believes that everyone including individuals diagnosed with disabilities should have access to dependable, quality, affordable, and luxury transportation services.

After over 11,000 driving trips and hundreds of satisfied customers Sherpa Limousine Services was created. Mr. Sherpa continues to strive for excellence as a transportation service provider who believes in providing luxury services for all.

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Sonam Sherpa
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